0% Mom, 100% Woman

Inspired by a cupful of my favorite blogger, The Bloggess, a clamp jar of fears of expressing these ideas in any other forum, and a vile of egotism I normally hide due to embarrassment, I have brought to reality my first blog post.

You will see that The Bloggess refers to one of her friends who is also a blogger. The reason I was drawn to Jenny Lawson in the first place was her book Furiously Happy made me laugh out loud during one of my more serious depression episodes and that is an amazing accomplishment. I have always thought of her as a person with a great sense of humor about her health issues. She is inspiring as a human being in this way and the general way that she lives her life with generosity, courage, and thoughtfulness, with humorous sanity-saving irreverence sprinkled in.

When starting this post, I thought I would use her early blogging as inspiration. Though I could not find posts from her earlier than June 2007, I know they existed by the comments on this post. She would probably find it interesting that only after reading this post and putting two and two together regarding her friend’s blog did I realize that she started out mainly blogging about being a mother. And now I am considering that maybe this is the way most women start out blogging. 

This gives me more encouragement to start and continue my blog. My blog will be about the exact opposite. Being a non-mom, or more positively being childfree!

There is such pressure out there to procreate. At least there is where I live in middle America. I’m sure there is in a lot of places, but I can only write about what I know. Being a minority, in this case, gives me reason to reach out via the web and find like-minded women whom I can share with and who will share with me. Of course, other characteristics of myself will come out and be shared here, but I feel like we –  this group of childfree women – are so underrepresented, underrated, and undervalued that it’s high time to start writing! 

Please let me know what you think. Please share your blogs with me if you are of a similar mindset or life situation. 

Thanks! Studio Jill


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