Low FODMAP diet day 10

*Spoiler alert* discussion about unpleasant bodily functions ahead. But, hey, how are we going to learn about and get over these things if we’re too shy to share them?

I have been strictly adhering to the elimination phase of this diet for 9 and a half days. The first few days I did not notice any improvement in symptoms. I’m sure my body was still just emptying out the FODMAP foods already in me.

Since then, I have had a very noticeable reduction in symptoms. I have been journaling EVERYTHING I eat and drink and any continuing symptoms in the Healthie app my Nutritionist uses. She can check in on my journal. She asked me a few days ago to also eliminate popcorn and celery since I was still passing very stinky gas (PVSG).

I was probably eating too much popcorn since I LOVE popcorn.

I am still burping. I haven’t been PVSG since then though (yet). I’m wary about believing that anything will cure me 100% of my IBS symptoms. I’ve been this way for so long I’ve forgotten what digestion is supposed to be like.

How much burping is normal or okay? How much passing gas is normal or okay? What about the smell? Is it healthy, though unpleasant and extremely socially embarrassing, if it is super stinky? Broccoli is one of the few green veggies that is approved on the diet but is guilty of causing this symptom.

I’d love to hear from anyone else who has done this.


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