Why introverts need and deserve more attention than they get right now


As a self-, family-, and friend-identified introvert, I’m here to make a case. As Lady Gaga asseverates “I was born this way.” Researchers estimate that 50 – 75 percent of the population is extroverted.

It is to my misfortune that I was born this way into a very extroverted Western culture. We introverts are not nearly as valued or given as much attention as extroverts – we don’t call for it as much.

This does not mean we don’t need it. Social interaction is one of the tenants of happiness and lack of it is one of the tenants of depression and anxiety. With social media use at an all-time high, introverts are at an increased disadvantage in garnering social attention because they are less likely to participate in social media. And they are less likely to enjoy social media when they use it. This means that social media tends to exaggerate the attention split between the two personality types. Social media speeds up and increases the attention extroverts get and by default, diminishes the attention introverts get.

So, introverts were born that way…so what? Why do they deserve more attention than they get right now?

Introverts and introversion is necessary to create: art, science, medicine, computer programs, graphic designs, and anything else that requires deep diving into thoughts and concepts.

Introverts take a lot of crap from extroverts in this society. Yet we play a very important role. If nothing else we allow extroverts to be extroverts! If introverts weren’t around to listen to extroverts, they’d all just be talking over each other trying to be louder and more attention-getting than the next.

Give introverts the attention they deserve!


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