Take Two

The idea of starting up my blog again keeps gnawing at me. So, here I go. I’ll give it a second try. The idea is to just keep writing, right?

Eco tip#2435: When in a car, always plug your phone in to charge it. Your vehicle does not use more gas to charge your phone. Therefore, it is free electricity and is going to waste if you don’t use it.

Eco tip#378: When in a public restroom, use the smallest toilet paper roll first. The maintenance/cleaning staff will usually toss the smallest roll to replace it to make sure there is enough TP to last. Therefore, whatever is left on that smallest roll is wasted.

By the way, the numbers on these Eco tips are largely meaningless. I assign them on how useful or important I think they are in the overall world of Eco tips.

Thanks for reading. Let me know about yourself and your blog in the comments. And help me out if you see mistakes I need to correct! 🙂 I’m also very open to blogging or WordPress tips!

P.S. This is my first time using WordPress on my phone.


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