Being a Writer

Being a writer is no joke. I would like to call myself a writer, but instead, I need to invent a word that means “I write when convenient like when I happen to be sitting down in front of my computer and feel the urge.” Or “a writer that writes about 1% of the time she should be.” A word that is to “writer” as “houseplant owner” is to “full-scale farmer.” 😉

I’ve thought about adding to my blog probably 20 times since my last post, but creativity – and writing especially – are, for me, very draining sometimes. My physical and mental health issues are only part of what makes this so. I am naturally an introvert which means putting myself out there is uncomfortable and a bit scary – draining.

I do think I have important things to say and that I am fairly good at expressing them. Writing more often should help this.

Today has already been draining even before I sat down at my computer. Some of today has been fun – I went to an outdoor festival for chalk art. It rained yesterday and a lot of artists lost what they had started and had to start over. Many of them were able to catch up and had very impressive displays. I enjoy the temporal nature of this art. I learn the value of being in the moment. I’ve stopped taking photographs at these types of events. I never know what to do with them afterward. It reduces the experience in the moment. It causes a backed-up line of people who are all trying to take the perfect photograph for their social media. And I never know what to do with the photos afterward.

There is one exception to this. The perspective drawings that appear in 3D only in a photo. I like these the best. It can make the artist look like they’re floating in the air while they are standing on their work. If only all work could be like that!

When looking at the photo, a trick of the brain happens that doesn’t happen when looking at the art in real life. One of the few situations where this happens. For the most part, IRL is always better. Try to stay in it!


2 thoughts on “Being a Writer

  1. I also struggle to write enough and know what to write about. I like taking pics though. I try not to overdo it, but I sometimes feel sad if I forget to take pics. Especially of friends and family with me.


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