New to low FODMAP

I’m starting on the low FODMAP diet and wondering if this is really how it’s supposed to go?

Eat. Cramp. Fart.

Eat. Cramp. Burp.

Eat. Cramp. Fart and Burp.

I know most of you probably don’t appreciate bathroom humor. You’re welcome. I tamed it down some from reality. I’ve had IBS for many, many years. Only recently was I tested for fructose malabsorption (aka intolerance) where your gut cannot break down a certain carbo chain and instead the helpful/not-helpful organisms in there gorge on it balloon your intestines up with their byproducts (farts). Your soft muscles (self-cramping) of your intensities work overtime passing them through and up (burp) and out (you know by now). Since you don’t get to control how hard they work, they work as hard as they want which is very painful.

God help us.

Please share your experiences with a newby low FODMAPer (and please tell me it will get better)!

2 thoughts on “New to low FODMAP

  1. Hmm… After randomly finding your blog, I am reading your old posts and I know I’ve heard of FODMAP but now need to look into it more. Occasionally I get really horrible low stomach pain in the middle of the night, it seems to be just gas but doesn’t quickly go away, often I have to get up, walk around a little, take some Tums then like an hour after waking I can go back to sleep. And it is typically at 2am or 3am, is that weird or what?


    1. Hi, prosperityandcalamities. I am crawling out from under the rock I was under for the last 2+ years. I don’t know about the curious timing of your pains. Maybe you eat late? Since this post I have discovered I have congenital sucrase-isomaltase deficiency (CSID). I treat it with a medicine called Sucraid. My GI prescribes it but a GP could also. Hope that helps!


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